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Streamlined Delivery Driver Operations

Introducing the
Chaski Drive App

We know firsthand the frustrations and challenges cannabis delivery drivers face while on the road. We’ve developed an app that targets the most glaring issues to make delivery safe, automated and accessible for every driver. Non-storefront delivery licensees and vertically integrated micro-businesses utilize the Chaski Drive app to process orders from start to finish.

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    Fully integrated order processing, driver dispatching, ETA calculation and compliant product handling are all built into one convenient software solution. The user experience was thoughtfully planned to ensure every team member and task was considered. Built-in training workflows reduce learning-curve delays. System integrations make onboarding simple, automated and cost-effective. So whether your team is out in the field with an ice cream truck of goods or dispatching orders from a centralized warehouse, fulfillment is in hand and a few taps away.

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Empowered by driver safeguards

Your business and the livelihood of your team are built on the trust between delivery drivers and customers — and the safeguards you put in place to protect them both.

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    By providing an integrated Google Maps preview of the delivery location, drivers can assess their surroundings, communicate about proper drop-off locations and park safely. When faced with an issue, drivers can file a ticket and receive assistance from their team in an efficient manner without having to leave the app.


Built-in compliance

Recent changes to CA cannabis delivery laws require live delivery reporting.

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    With the burden now on drivers to stay compliant, Chaski makes intake and end-of-day product check-in a streamlined and simple process. The Chaski Driver app allows drivers to save time and reduce fulfillment delays with standardized in-app workflows built with the driver’s user experience in mind.

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Fulfillment simplified

Toggling between apps slows your fulfillment process down and makes training more complicated.

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    When you use the Chaski Drive app, all orders are processed, and drivers are dispatched within the same platform. A complete step-by-step workflow launches in-app. Drivers are walked through order details, code scanning, customer identification confirmation, and payment processing without the need to toggle between platforms.

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Informed deliveries

Before drivers set off on their delivery, a full snapshot of customer order information is populated in-app.

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    Estimated total delivery and drive time, customer contact information, order items, total order value, a delivery window timer, and a google maps preview of the address and its surroundings make drivers feel prepared, informed and confident. Built-in auto-communications send updates to your customer so drivers can focus on safely arriving at their destination without distraction.

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Smarter inventory tracking

Every delivery region requires a different set of practices.

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    Some areas are best served with DTC warehouse-based operations. Others require ice cream truck on-site inventory to better serve dense order areas. Chaski cracked the code on these sophisticated delivery models and the maintenance of live inventory updates and tracking. Now your team stays effortlessly compliant while serving the community with top-notch service.

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Woo, with every purchase

Chaski and the Driver app software were designed to integrate with WooCommerce to streamline operations at every step of the fulfillment process.

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    Now, when businesses use Listo, Chaski and the Chaski Driver app in tandem, they can publish products, source and process orders on Weedmaps, Leafly and WooCommerce, and seamlessly transition into the fulfillment workflow without having to leave the platform. When we say we’ve got the start-to-end solution, we mean it.

Software that works harder for your business

Cannabis delivery businesses are vital for an accessible, fair and convenient marketplace. Delivery drivers play a vital role in this system and deserve a safe and thoughtful process that allows them to focus on providing great customer service — not their safety.

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    Now, with the help of Chaski, small but mighty teams can streamline operations, automate processes to scale and retain customers. Give your business and the team that operates it the only complete tech solution.

Delivery drivers love the Chaski Drive app

  • “I have yet to work with another company that is as adaptive, reliable, and as customer service-oriented as Ciclo.”
    Easton, Royal Key Organics
  • “Calibueno has been using Chaski since 2018. Great team, great technology and a game changer in cannabis.”
    Claudia, Calibueno

Advanced Integrations

When we set out to create a software solution for cannabis businesses, we set the bar high. This platform would need to integrate with popular technologies, anticipate common workflow disruptions, and be informed by the complex compliance regulations for businesses. We’ve poured every waking moment into developing this solution.

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    Listo, Chaski and Chaski Drive work seamlessly to allow delivery, transport, sales, finance, marketing and on-site devices to sync company data and automate workflows so teams can focus on their work — not on operating tech. Informed choices call for information. Let the tech work hard so your team can work smart.




$0 USD/mo

  • Shared Server
  • 2 Log Ins
  • Optimal for small operators
  • Upgrade bundle available



$299 USD/mo

  • Shared Server
  • 5 Log Ins
  • Mix n Match 4 Enhanced Features
  • Includes 1 Advanced Integration



$599 USD/mo

  • Dedicated Server
  • 10 Log Ins
  • Mix n Match 6 Enhanced Features
  • Includes 2 Advanced Integrations



$1199 USD/mo

  • Fastest Server
  • Unlimited Log Ins
  • Fastest infrastructure
  • Full suite of features
  • Unlimited Advanced Integrations
  • Includes One Custom Built Feature

Drive App

Free Lite Pro Enterprise
Number of Logins 2 5 10 Unlimited
Create and Manage Plants Batches
Harvest Plants
Package Harvests
Scales & Scanner Integration
Live Metrc Data Synchronization
Transfer Template Generation
Printing Labels
Brand Customization
Sales Order Management
Custom Notifications
$99/mo* bundle: Choose 3 Choose 4 Choose 6 Unlimited
Enhanced Cultivation Management
Nutrient Tracking
Multi Site Harvest
Business Management
Automated and Manual Project & Task Management
Non-Cannabis Inventory & Sales Tracking
Live COGS Calculation
Advanced API Integrations
High Volume Receiving
Production Processing Management
Save for Later
Roles & Permissions
New Feature Development N/A N/A Per Use Case 1 Included
Integrations Choose 1 More Choose 2 More Unlimited
Environmental Sensors

Ready to hit the road?

Onboarding a new software system as robust as Listo, Chaski and the Chaski Drive app requires the sign-off of major decision-makers. Let our software specialists break down the specs and showcase the functionality with your team to ensure your team leadership understands how our software properly addresses your business’s major challenges.

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