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Small team management software for big results

If you’re running a cannabis small business or microbusiness, you’re likely depending on the hustle of a small team to keep the doors open. Listo was designed to lighten the workload by automating essential daily tasks, creating impactful efficiencies and ultimately lowering your risk.

Built to be scalable, the Listo app is customizable to the growth and needs of your business and brand. Let technology do the heavy lifting for you. Listo will streamline your processes from source to sale.

Expand your team with software solutions

One of the biggest challenges of working as part of a small team is effective organization. Cannabis microbusinesses and equity operators are particularly at risk because there is so much to manage — sourcing, production, selling, compliance, communications, marketing and more.

Cannabis small company solutions

Listo offers solutions to the challenges of cannabis small businesses because it:

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Provides a customizable marketplace to both source and sell
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Enables you to source from value-aligned partners
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Automates paperwork
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Creates a book of record so you know what was sold and when
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Updates inventory seamlessly when a purchase is made
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    Adding robust software to your cannabis business allows your small team to multiply its output without the added expense of hiring more employees and the time required to manage them.

    Designed with California microbusinesses and equity-trade certified companies in mind, the Listo app lowers risk, provides organization, and adds transparency up and down your supply chain.

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Automate your way to success

The benefit of letting technology do the work is the time your small team can save and direct to other impactful areas of the business.

With automatic updates to inventory after every purchase and sale, automatically generated purchase orders and invoices, simplified and automated communication, streamlined sample evaluations and accessibility from anywhere, Listo makes the team’s job easier.

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    By integrating with your METRC, Listo provides more traceability and transparency to the supply chain than any other software on the market. Your partners will feel comfortable knowing where their products are in transit and when they will arrive.

    We understand the challenges small cannabis businesses face in a struggling market and competitive industry like California cannabis. Our experts built Listo to be intuitive, easy to learn and use, and adaptable to the needs of the industry and its various license holders. We fully support you throughout onboarding and operation.

One app to integrate all your systems

Listo is a sustainable and consistent way to do business:

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Online Menus with QR Codes
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In-Depth User Profiles
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Regional Pricing & Sales Data
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Sample Evaluations
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Invoicing and Purchase Orders
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Messaging Portal
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Automate Compliance
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Secure Payment Gateway

6 ways to make your cannabis small business more efficient with Listo

Integrate technology effortlessly

The Listo app seamlessly integrates with your operation, saving you time and taking the headache out of essential tasks like inventory management. Your inventory will update seamlessly after every purchase, allowing you to track essential stock data and ensure order fulfillment.

Save time and money

Storing and accessing data in a single place means your team instantly knows where to find what they need. Compliance documentation is automatically generated and sent to your METRC. With Listo you create a book of record in a single and secure place, saving hours of time and for far less expense than hiring full-time employees or outsourcing.

Simplify communication

In addition to demonstrating your company’s commitment to traceability standards, the app’s instant messaging feature also prevents small teams from getting caught up in time-consuming calls, emails and texts. The METRC integration allows you to access important information from your network of partners and customers.

Practice smart business

During times of uncertainty, data is king. Listo gives you constant visibility into available inventory, traceability, previous communications and more. It also allows your team to compare the regional prices of products in your area so you can easily make smart pricing decisions.

Attract like-minded partners

Listo helps California microbusinesses stand out from the crowd and attract value-aligned retailers that are allocating shelf space to equity brands. Create an in-depth user profile, get in front of more buyers and present a professional appearance, helping you build the brand reputability you deserve and find trustworthy partners.

Close more deals faster

Create a custom online portfolio, QR code menus with your products and prices, and more. Brand your image on a sleek interface that is easy to navigate and share. The Listo app’s customizable solutions help businesses design a personalized interface for their cannabis sourcing and selling marketplace without technical knowledge.

Schedule a demo today

We developed Listo to make small team management a breeze. We know your time — and your small team’s time — is precious. Our team of experts understands the importance of technology to grow your California microbusiness. We will support you throughout onboarding and for the life of the relationship.

Schedule a demo and tell us about your small cannabis team, and we’ll show you all the ways Listo can support you.

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