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Close bigger deals faster with Listo

We know how important relationships are to cannabis brokers. As a broker in cannabis, you need customers to come back time and time again. You can’t afford to compromise on service for the sake of speed.

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    However, in California’s competitive marketplace, time is of the essence. Listo can help you maintain and improve your crucial customer relationships, nurture new cannabis broker leads and close more deals — faster — with our proven cannabis brokers app.

Leading technology for every broker in cannabis

As a cannabis broker, you know face-to-face communication and the personal touch can make all the difference in closing a sale, retaining business and acquiring new customers, but you also know how time-consuming it is to manage:

Customers &
Inventory &
Orders &
Marketing &
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Is personalized automation possible?

Maybe you’ve looked at a few tools to facilitate your brokerage before, but you’re worried an automated system would feel too impersonal and leave your customers feeling neglected.

We talked to cannabis brokers throughout California about their challenges and resistance to technology.

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    With fluctuating prices, perishability and costly storage to consider, speed and agility are vitally important to every broker.

    The Listo cannabis broker app seamlessly integrates with your operation, simplifies paperwork, adds transparency and provides confidence — so you can do what you do best.

Make it easy for customers to do business with you

Listo makes it easier for new and existing customers to find and do business with you! How many times have you had available inventory and a wholesale buyer ready to make a purchase on the spot, but you couldn’t make the sale because of regulations?

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    We built Listo with brokers and their customers in mind. Not only does Listo make your job easier with features like custom menus, METRC access and document automation, it also makes the buying process easier for your customers with convenient QR codes, detailed profiles and the ability to make deals wherever your customers are (transport license required).

Listo app features for cannabis brokers

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Online Menus with QR Codes
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In-Depth User Profiles
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Regional Pricing & Sales Data
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Sample Evaluations
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Invoicing and Purchase Orders
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Messaging Portal
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Automate Compliance
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Secure Payment Gateway
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6 Ways Proven Cannabis Brokers Simplify Operations

Save valuable time

Spend less time on paperwork without compromising on customer service or compliance. Listo will automate your documentation and seamlessly act as a book of record. Your data will be safe and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Easy Access to METRC

Access multiple METRC API keys with custom permissions to broker deals with your network in a flash. When you make a deal, Listo will generate an invoice and push it to METRC automatically (transport license required) so that you and your customers stay compliant.

Close more deals faster

Brand your image on a sleek interface that is easy to navigate and share. Make it easier for customers to find you with a custom online portfolio, QR code menus with your products and prices, and quick and easy payments and compliance documentation.

Nurture your relationships

Relationships are everything in California cannabis. The Listo app protects your relationships by acting as a supplement to your business operations, so you can focus on the personal touch. You and your customers will appreciate the efficiencies in accessing inventory information and more.

Custom broker functionality

We worked with our network of cannabis brokers to become fluent in their specific needs and the challenges of the California market. We built custom broker functionality to meet those needs by simplifying the process of both buying and selling.

Embrace technology & support

Technology can be intimidating, but integrating smart technology into your business is a gamechanger. Our team of experts understands the importance of technology to grow your cannabis business and the industry. We will support you throughout onboarding and operation.

Schedule a Listo demo today

Don’t waste your precious time with lengthy learning curves, complex training and hard-to-navigate software. We are making it as easy as possible for brokers to use the Listo app and run their businesses. Let’s talk about the specifics of your operation and show you how Listo can help.

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