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Streamline Cultivation Operations


Chaski streamlines cannabis operations and compliance with end-to-end software solutions.

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    Managing full-scale cultivation requires a top-line view of every moving part. By utilizing a fully integrated software system to manage plant batches, capture vital harvest data, document and iterate SOPs, stay compliant and more, the power and control are put back into the hands of your cultivation team.

    We cut out the steep learning curve by implementing step-by-step training modules for every feature. Now everyone on your team can utilize data and influence results. Make tech work for your business the way it was intended.

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Order logistics simplified

If your team has been manually printing pick lists, shipping labels and manifests, they’ve been forced to waste precious time that could be better used elsewhere.

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    Chaski delivers a real-time view of inventory, order tracking, payments, packaging and shipping. It’s a complete start-to-finish system for managing order logistics, integrating accounting software and tracking data from seed to sale.


Stay compliant

Master cultivators have always had one goal — to nurture a bountiful top-shelf harvest. Today, that goal must include a close focus on compliance.

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    With Chaski, live Metrc Data Synchronization integrates state compliance reporting to ensure data accuracy and reduced manual entry for cultivators. Ultimately, Chaski takes the fear of non-compliance and any associated fees out of the grow process. Let your growers grow, while Chaski keeps you compliant.

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Improve harvest outputs

Use Chaski’s centralized dashboard to monitor the environmental and nutrient inputs of your room or batch.

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    By keeping a record of previous grow data, growers can leverage their findings to enhance their methods and mitigate issues. Ultimately, by consistently collecting information, developing SOPs in real-time and regularly reviewing data, you control the outputs of future batches.

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Automate tasks

Manual tasks pull eyes and hands away from the critical work of managing crops. With Chaski, your team can automatically generate tasks when a plant batch is created and assign them to staff members.

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    Track physical operations, report and manage each batch of the harvest, and categorize your harvest batches/packages for sale and transfer. From the automation of barcodes to batch inventory QR codes, Chaski automation functions take your cultivation tasks from merely getting by to a fine-tuned machine.

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Work smarter

Automatically group by strain and integrate with scales and scanner for faster harvest operations.

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    When your team has the ability to set up SOPs, track labor and improve yields by examining your production process, you open the door for improved fulfillment and scalability.

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Calculate cultivation COGs

Full-scale financial tracking for all of your harvest expenses enables your team to calculate unit costs for each item produced, track operational costs and measure sales of non-regulated items.

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    With these tools, your team stays organized — reducing missed deductions and decreased profitability one data set at a time.

Software that powers cultivation

The art of cultivation is mastered through years of trial and error — and an unwavering commitment to greatness. But with so many moving parts, intense compliance oversight and steep revenue goals, cannabis cultivation has become much more than growing top-shelf cannabis.

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    Now, with the help of Chaski software, cultivation teams can focus on what they do best and lean on the tech to do the rest. It’s time to level up your approach to your cultivation business.

Why Cultivators Love Chaski

  • “I have yet to work with another company that is as adaptive, reliable, and as customer service-oriented as Ciclo.”
    Easton, Royal Key Organics
  • “Calibueno has been using Chaski since 2018. Great team, great technology and a game changer in cannabis.”
    Claudia, Calibueno

Advanced Integrations

Sales, Finance, Marketing, Transport, and On-Site Devices seamlessly sync with your data.

Chaski Cultivator Pricing



$0 USD/mo

  • Shared Server
  • 2 Log Ins
  • Optimal for small operators
  • Upgrade bundle available



$299 USD/mo

  • Shared Server
  • 5 Log Ins
  • Mix n Match 4 Enhanced Features
  • Includes 1 Advanced Integration



$599 USD/mo

  • Dedicated Server
  • 10 Log Ins
  • Mix n Match 6 Enhanced Features
  • Includes 2 Advanced Integrations



$1199 USD/mo

  • Fastest Server
  • Unlimited Log Ins
  • Fastest infrastructure
  • Full suite of features
  • Unlimited Advanced Integrations
  • Includes One Custom Built Feature


Free Lite Pro Enterprise
Number of Logins 2 5 10 Unlimited
Create and Manage Plants Batches
Harvest Plants
Package Harvests
Scales & Scanner Integration
Live Metrc Data Synchronization
Transfer Template Generation
Printing Labels
Brand Customization
Sales Order Management
Custom Notifications
$99/mo* bundle: Choose 3 Choose 4 Choose 6 Unlimited
Enhanced Cultivation Management
Nutrient Tracking
Multi Site Harvest
Business Management
Automated and Manual Project & Task Management
Non-Cannabis Inventory & Sales Tracking
Live COGS Calculation
Advanced API Integrations
High Volume Receiving
Production Processing Management
Save for Later
Roles & Permissions
New Feature Development N/A N/A Per Use Case 1 Included
Integrations Choose 1 More Choose 2 More Unlimited
Environmental Sensors
Accumatica / Quantum Leaf
Dispatch Track

Which cannabis software solution is right for my cultivation business?

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