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Source, sell and scale with Listo cannabis app

Sourcing bulk flower and other materials to make a product and then take it to market typically requires a large team, but many small businesses, startups and legacy makers don’t have the resources to streamline manufacturing.

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    • Are you spending too much time searching for information in documents, spreadsheets, emails and texts?
    • Do you feel like you’re missing important opportunities or struggling to reach suppliers, buyers and other industry players?
    • Are you trying to scale your business on a budget?

    The Listo cannabis sourcing app was designed for convenience by creating or expanding your business’s sourcing and sales departments.

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Source wholesale cannabis flower

As a manufacturer, the health of your business depends largely on the quality of your product, and the quality of your product is often determined by the quality of your materials. But finding reliable suppliers that also align with your company values requires a lot of time and financial resources. Listo takes all the busy work out of bulk flower sourcing (and other cannabis materials like distillate).

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Grow your sales with a single app

You spend days, weeks, months finding the right materials and crafting the perfect products, now you need to get it into the hands of consumers — and fast. Increase brand awareness, find sellers and buyers, better list and market your inventory, and ultimately increase your profits — all from a single app.

Scale with smart app features

Stop wasting your time with DIY methods of managing valuable company data. The Listo app allows you to expand your sourcing, sales and even marketing operations overnight and under budget. Listo was designed with eight core features to help manufacturing companies and operations managers work smarter.

Cannabis manufacturing app features

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Online Menus with QR Codes
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In-Depth Buyer Profiles
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Regional Pricing & Sales Data
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Sample Evaluations
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Invoicing and Purchase Orders
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Messaging Portal
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Automate Compliance
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Secure Payment Gateway
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6 Ways to Streamline Your Manufacturing Operations with Listo

Improve Quality

The Listo app changes the bulk flower sourcing game. More and efficient access to high-quality distillate and wholesale cannabis flower gives you more options and control over product quality.

Get Organized

With Listo, you can access all of your data and documentation in a single place — suppliers, buyers, invoices and purchase orders, contact info, product menus and more.

Make Smarter Decisions

Compare the cost of raw ingredients, analyze industry pricing to stay competitive, and choose suppliers strategically and confidently with the Listo cannabis manufacturing app.

Save Time

Listo automates compliance paperwork that would take exponentially longer if done manually, including contracts, invoices, purchase orders and even 8300 forms for deals over $10,000 — and that gives you time to focus on areas of the business that demand your special expertise.

Enjoy Greater Transparency

When you make a sale and use our Listo distributor network, you can track your product as it moves throughout the supply chain. You can also see when clients accept deals and get valuable feedback about your samples.

Embrace Technology & Support

Technology can be intimidating, but integrating smart technology into your business is a no-brainer. Our team of experts understands the industry and the needs of manufacturers, and we will support you through onboarding, integration and operation.

Schedule a Listo demo today

We know you don’t have time to learn a complex new system. You need to access your data and find new resources quickly. You need a tech partner that will organize, streamline and scale your current system without requiring months of onboarding and learning. You need Listo.

Fill out a quick form, and we will contact you to schedule a demo of the Listo app.

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