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Listo is a secure cannabis sourcing app that quickly brings sellers and buyers together in real-time with simple sample fulfillment.
We asked legacy cannabis growers…
What’s the toughest part of getting your artisanal cannabis flower to market?
  • It’s difficult and complicated to get access to wholesale cannabis buyers
  • It’s time-consuming and pulls too many resources
  • A lack of branding or cohesive look gets in the way of making connections
  • Purchase orders and invoices are hard to keep up with
  • The process would be much easier if there was better transparency
We knew we could fix these problems. So we did.

Introducing the Listo B2B cannabis wholesale marketplace app.

Cannabis Marketplace Software

Listo app supports craft, legacy, equity and quality-focused cannabis growers and wholesale sellers.

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Supports skeleton crews with a built-in support team
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Brings qualified wholesale cannabis buyers to the table
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Presents a more professional front
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Automatically creates cannabis purchase orders and invoices
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    Offers scalability through a standardized cannabis wholesale marketplace
    Provides a simpler way to fulfill Compassionate Use cannabis purchase orders
    Creates stability in the cannabis supply chain by communicating brand metrics and values
    Makes tech simpler and easier with a user-friendly process and mobile app
    Provides transparency throughout the entire cannabis selling process
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Listo app answers how to sell cannabis in California

Supplier communication, streamlined

Our messaging portal automates and sorts by deal milestones to streamline your supplier book of record.

Compliance reporting, secured

Our software integrates with your Metrc inventory, automates compliance documents like COAs, and provides confirmation and invoices when transfers are complete and cultivation taxes are paid.

Sample evaluation, simplified

Our licensed, in-house distribution company handles sample transport between cultivators and buyers.

Crop inventory, strategized

An online menu allows cannabis wholesale sellers to showcase their inventory to entice potential cannabis wholesale buyers.

Payment gateway, solved

Our background in finance technology allows us to legally initiate ACH transfers, accept cryptocurrency and hold individual payments in escrow to protect both parties.

Turn a Supply Chain into a Value Chain with Listo

The Listo cannabis sourcing app provides unique and necessary technology on your device.

Real People Inform our Tech

We built our cannabis wholesale marketplace software with the guidance of legacy cannabis operators because they know the issues better than anyone.

Common Problems Solved by Process

Listo streamlines cannabis sourcing and supplier communication while automating your book of record.

Technology Built on Transparency

Our transparent technology provides real-time visibility into your whole supply chain, increasing trust.

Built to Support Cultivators

Get direct access to cannabis wholesale buyers from your garden, so you can focus on what you do best.

Equity at the Forefront

We aren’t waiting on policy to create space for equity. Our tech connects cannabis sellers with cannabis buyers that allocate shelf space for equity brands.

Vertically Integrated

Streamline supplier relationships and cannabis product sample management as you scale your operations.

Listo FAQs

As minorities ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to find value aligned partners that we trust. So, whether small or large – we bring everyone together. From legacy growers, equity partners, and ready-to-scale operators, we connect everyone to move products with all of the compliance, documentation, transportation, and payments securely under one app.
What is Listo?
Listo is a secure cannabis sourcing app that quickly brings sellers and buyers together in real time with simple sample fulfillment.
How is Listo unique?

We focus on value chain and value aligned purchasing. Where other marketplaces focus on brands, we specialize in moving equity and minority owned operators, as well as legacy, craft cultivators up the value chain.

Did we mention Listo is a transparent marketplace? Listo requires access to your Metrc and provides visibility into tracked packages, logistics and status updates. When each Listo community member securely connects their Metrc to our system, it provides visibility to a previously opaque supply chain.

Do I qualify for Listo?
Licensed cannabis operators in California with access to the METRC track-and-trace system can qualify to join the Listo community.
Is there a fee to join Listo?
There is no cost to download the Listo app and join the community. A 2-3% fee is charged to each party when a transaction is completed. No sale, no fee!
What can I sell or buy on Listo?
Cannabis products produced by a California licensed cannabis facility can be sold on Listo.
How private is my data?
Listo is firmly committed to the privacy of your data. Some activity data, like deal volume and average pricing will be analyzed in a general and anonymized manner to provide useful insights for the user community.
Will my data be sold?
No. Listo does not and will not sell your data. Your privacy is our top priority.
Who is Listo for?
Listo is for licensed distributors, retailers, delivery and manufacturers and microbusiness operators who want to scale. With Listo, you do more with less people.
How do I join the Listo beta rollout?
Request an invitation to the Listo beta version here.
How will I receive the product I buy on Listo?
Listo’s network of distribution partners are available to provide transportation for Listo’s community members. Alternatively, you can invite your preferred transportation partner to Listo. Share the love!
How do I list product for sale on Listo?
Easy. Just download Listo on the app store, connect your Metrc API key, and start listing.
Will my inventory automatically create listings on Listo?
Nope! You can choose which product inventory you wish to list for sale.
How do I request samples on Listo?
Simply tap the sample icon on the listing you’re interested in. Samples are compliantly transported by Listo’s distribution partner network.
How do I buy product on Listo?
Simply tap “make an offer” to start communicating with the seller. Listo’s messaging functionality allows sellers and buyers to communicate through the entire deal process to ensure that their needs and concerns are addressed, resulting in increased trust in the process.
Does Listo integrate with METRC?

Yes! Using your valid API user key, Listo will connect to METRC for each user. This makes it very convenient for users to:

  • Rest assured that they are dealing with permitted licensed users
  • Easily package inventory they wish to list
  • Verify that listed product is legitimate
  • Track the product as it moves along the transfer process
Why do I need a METRC API user key to use Listo?
Transparency. As a transparent marketplace, Listo requires access to your Metrc to provide visibility on tracked packages, logistics and status updates. When each Listo community member securely connects their Metrc to our system, it provides visibility to a previously opaque supply chain. Don’t worry – only you can view, make edits to your inventory.
I’m in another state which uses Metrc, can I use Listo?
Absolutely. Reach out to our team here to start the conversation.
Can I list my product without testing it?
Yes. You can create a listing for your product without test results. However, we recommend adding test results to help sell your products by increasing transparency and adding information that buyers can use to make buying decisions.
Can I register with Listo without adding any listings?
Yes! You can download the Listo app and create a profile for your facility and organization without adding any listings. You can decide to add listings or make offers at any time.
How does Listo promote transparency and trust?

Every registered Listo user is required to provide an active license and a valid METRC API user key to join. This allows Listo to verify that a user is legally permitted to buy and/or sell wholesale cannabis products in California. It also provides visibility as the products move throughout the chain.

Sellers can upload images and videos of the listed product, as well as test results to validate the quality of the product in the listing. A buyer may request a sample of the listed product for physical verification. Listo’s integrated messaging allows users to easily communicate with counterparts. Listo is committed to bring its users a critical but often missing component in wholesale cannabis business transactions: trust.

Can users leave reviews?
Buyers provide thorough feedback for sample evaluations and a rating for their overall experience when a transfer is complete. In the near future, users will be able to review one another on the basis of their transactions.
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