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If you own or run a cannabis manufacturing business, you know all too well the challenges that come with product development, packaging and labeling, invoicing and sales, and so much more. If you’ve been relying on disjointed programs and software to track all the moving pieces, your effort is being spread thin to maintain timely updates.

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    Chaski allows you to work smarter by streamlining cannabis manufacturing operations and compliance with end-to-end software solutions that go beyond merely tracking information. Utilize your business data in a whole new way and solve common manufacturing challenges with Chaski.

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Knowledge is power

Manufacturers need access to data to make critical decisions with their teams. Chaski provides real-time consignment tracking with aged invoicing reports, minute-by-minute view of inventory, payment logs, packaging processes and shipping manifests.

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    Centralized information allows your team to move swiftly and avoid costly mistakes that derail progress.


Built-in compliance

Compliance is a major pain point for busy teams managing many moving parts. Chaski integrates Live Metrc Data Synchronization and state compliance reporting to ensure data accuracy and informed teams.

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    Manufacturing teams are equipped with the tools to generate COA test packages that notify Metrc and the preferred lab, automatically syncing results after testing is completed. Easy built-in automation generates a history of production runs for reporting to the California Department of Public Health, giving time and energy back to your hard-working team.

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Track with accuracy

Operational costs, inventory availability, and sales milestones all require one thing. Tracking with accuracy.

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    A centralized platform where data can live and be utilized is critical in forging new paths and learning from the path already traveled.

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Automate tasks

Your team works hard to move your business forward, but if they aren’t utilizing smart automation, there is untapped potential.

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    Chaski allows your team to automate manufacturing processes by creating step-by-step operational processes, generating ingredient lists, and developing barcodes. Scale operations and improve production and fulfillment with the help of Chaski.

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Work smarter

When manufacturers take the leap to onboard new tech, training is critical to full-scale adoption.

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    Chaski offers built-in training modules and the ability to document and implement complicated SOPs. Reduce the steep learning curve for new hires, improve communication, and increase output with improved processes with the help of Chaski.

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Calculate COGs

Forget the stack of uncategorized receipts and invoices. Track all your business expenses in one location and tie them into inventory management.

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    Define unique processes and track critical data throughout each stage of the manufacturing process. Set inventory alerts when an ingredient or packaging item gets low. There’s no better way to manage manufacturing operations than with Chaski on your team.

Software that works the way you do

Consumer demand for manufactured cannabis products grows every day. An unprecedented opportunity for expansion requires a software system that can handle complex processes and detailed reporting. Chaski was built with manufacturers in mind. Scale your business, stay in compliance and dominate your category with the help of Chaski.

Manufacturers scale with Chaski

  • “I have yet to work with another company that is as adaptive, reliable, and as customer service-oriented as Ciclo.”
    Easton, Royal Key Organics
  • “Calibueno has been using Chaski since 2018. Great team, great technology and a game changer in cannabis.”
    Claudia, Calibueno

Advanced Integrations

Sales, Finance, Marketing, Transport, and On-Site Devices seamlessly sync with your data.

Chaski Pricing



$299 USD/mo

  • Shared Server
  • 5 Log Ins
  • Mix n Match 4 Enhanced Features
  • Includes 1 Advanced Integration



$599 USD/mo

  • Dedicated Server
  • 10 Log Ins
  • Mix n Match 6 Enhanced Features
  • Includes 2 Advanced Integrations



$1199 USD/mo

  • Fastest Server
  • Unlimited Log Ins
  • Fastest infrastructure
  • Full suite of features
  • Unlimited Advanced Integrations
  • Includes One Custom Built Feature


Lite Pro Enterprise
Number of Logins 5 10 Unlimited
High Volume Intakes
Bill of Materials
COA Test Integration
Orders & Invoices
Printing Labels
Scales & Scanner Integration
Live Metrc Data Synchronization
Transfer Template Generation
Choose 4 Choose 6 Unlimited
CDPH Production Record
Non-Cannabis Inventory & Sales Tracking
Recipe Based Manufacturing
Customized Source Package Allocation
Live COGS Calculation
Advanced API Integration
Production Processing Management
Save for Later
Roles & Permissions
Track Manufacturing Stages
Track Manufacturing Labor Costs & Hours
Project & Task Management
Expense Tracking
Choose 1 More Choose 2 More Unlimited
Accumatica / Quantum Leaf
Dispatch Track

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