Sourcing, Simplified

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Listo is a secure cannabis sourcing app that quickly brings sellers and buyers together in real time with simple sample fulfillment.

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How do you turn a

supply chain into a value chain?


We built our software with the guidance of legacy operators because they know how to do it best.


Listo streamlines sourcing and supplier communication while automating your book of record.


Our transparent technology provides real time visibility into your whole supply chain, increasing trust.

Listo FAQs

As minorities ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to find value aligned partners that we trust. So, whether small or large - we bring everyone together. From legacy growers, equity partners, and ready-to-scale operators, we connect everyone to move products with all of the compliance, documentation, transportation, and payments securely under one app.

Listo is a secure cannabis sourcing app that quickly brings sellers and buyers together in real time with simple sample fulfillment.

We focus on value chain and value aligned purchasing. Where other marketplaces focus on brands, we specialize in moving equity and minority owned operators, as well as legacy, craft cultivators up the value chain.

Did we mention Listo is a transparent marketplace? Listo requires access to your Metrc and provides visibility into tracked packages, logistics and status updates. When each Listo community member securely connects their Metrc to our system, it provides visibility to a previously opaque supply chain.

Licensed cannabis operators in California with access to the METRC track-and-trace system can qualify to join the Listo community.

There is no cost to download the Listo app and join the community. A 2-3% fee is charged to each party when a transaction is completed. No sale, no fee!

Cannabis products produced by a California licensed cannabis facility can be sold on Listo.

Listo is firmly committed to the privacy of your data. Some activity data, like deal volume and average pricing will be analyzed in a general and anonymized manner to provide useful insights for the user community.

No. Listo does not and will not sell your data. Your privacy is our top priority.

Do more with less



Get direct access to buyers from your garden.


Source bulk for your production runs, and find new buyers for your brand.


Share your inventory menu with a custom QR code.


Manage upstream and downstream supplier relationships in one place.


Connect with buyers that allocate shelf space for Equity brands.

Vertically Integrated

Streamline supplier relationships and sample management as you scale.

Payment gateway, solved

Our background in finance technology allows us to legally initiate ACH transfers, accept cryptocurrency and hold individual payments in escrow to release when the transfer is confirmed.

Sample evaluation, simplified

Our licensed, in-house distribution company handles sample transport between cultivators and buyers.

Compliance reporting, secured

Our software integrates with your Metrc inventory, automates compliance documents like COAs, and provides confirmation and invoices when transfers are complete and cultivation taxes are paid.