How Listo Improves Sourcing and Selling for Cannabis Manufacturers


Making a product is a lot of work in and of itself. But then you have to add in sourcing and selling. Utilizing what works for you is great, but how many spreadsheets, texts, and emails does it take to get it all done? And is it set up to scale?

We designed Listo for scale and convenience. Using it is like adding an entire sourcing and sales department with one tool. You’re able to:

  • Create higher quality products with distillate and bulk flower sourcing. On Listo, you can see how much raw ingredients cost to understand pricing better and choose suppliers intentionally.
  • Partner with businesses whose values align with yours. 
  • Access all your data and documentation in one place. 
  • List your products for sale.
  • Enjoy more visibility. When you make a sale and use our Listo distributor network, you can track your product as it moves throughout the supply chain. You can also see when clients accept deals and get feedback loops for samples. 
  • Stop wasting time on paperwork. Listo automates time-consuming documents like contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and 8300 forms for deals over 10k in cash. 
  • Decide how you manage payments. Listo accepts ACH transfers, cash on delivery, and cryptocurrency.
  • Feel confident and supported.

Sign up for Listo to streamline your growth. We’re here for you every step of the way.

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