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Distributors have one of the most complicated roles in the industry. You have to manage back-and-forth communication and juggle inventory, sourcing and selling. Everyone is pressuring you, and since your job is fast-paced, it’s tricky to learn new tools. 

Listo makes your life easier. When you sign up, Listo will sync to your METRC. This connection allows you to improve customer relationships, streamline operations, and your agility to scale. 

With Listo, you can

  • Simplify communication. With Listo’s increased transparency and instant messaging, you can juggle fewer calls, emails, and texts. 
  • Make your customers feel more confident and comfortable. When you share your METRC key with your customers on Listo, they can see where their products are and when they will arrive. 
  • Source bulk to sell to your accounts and see trends in prices and genetics. 
  • Let technology do the work for you. Listo automates documents like contracts and invoices and pushes compliance info to METRC.
  • Support your values by partnering with value-aligned businesses and compassionate care programs. 
  • Feel confident and supported. Our team is here for you every step of the way. 

Sign up for Listo to scale and flow.

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