3 Ways Technology Can Flex Your Cannabis Brand


Looks hold a lot of weight, whether we like it or not. In cannabis, it’s easy to see who has the money because it shows up in their branding. 

Sophisticated cannabis branding makes businesses appear more professional. One of the biggest differences between small and large companies is the lack of attributes to demonstrate the brand’s personality. This difference is especially true amongst social equity operators who have transitioned in from the legacy market and have countless challenges to consider before branding.

To level the playing field, we have three tips on how technology can help small legacy operators appear just as accomplished as the big players.

Why Social Equity Brands are Overlooked 

Before legalization, it didn’t make sense to brand yourself. The whole purpose of using three different phones was to avoid detection. But now, the market demands a brand presence. And looks are expensive. 

Branding, at its core, is storytelling. Those personal touches (combined with quality products and good prices) get brands in the door and keep accounts. However, most buyers spend about one minute looking over a business’s branding to understand who they are. That’s why the details matter. 

We hear large cannabis companies say they want to support social equity but feel like they don’t know what they’re doing. Assuming that the legacy market was less knowledgeable than the recreational market is a gross misconception. Cannabis industry pioneers successfully handled billions in cash without the savvy tools we have today. The rec market disadvantaged legacy operators by introducing hoops and hurdles and favoring deep pockets.

The misconception that social equity operators don’t know what they’re doing is not because they lack the ability or skills. It’s because they are overlooked. 

So, what can be done to make your social equity brand stand out?

3 Ways to Make Your Brand Look Bigger

We have three simple tips to portray yourself as the knowledgeable and professional operator you are: 

  1. Automate all your processes so you never miss a beat or do something twice.
  2. Brand all your documents, both online and off.  
  3. Add personalized touches for your clients.

Taking care of tasks on time and treating each relationship as unique makes you appear more thoughtful to your clients and leads. Our transparent sourcing app, Listo, offers several features to easily incorporate all three tips into your business. 


Listo generates and sends all your time-consuming documents, like purchase orders, contracts, and invoices. When you sign up, you can also set your price minimums, and Listo will auto-reject offers that are too low. 


Every document sent through Listo will feature your logo and other brand attributes. That way, everyone will always know who you are, and you can build recognition over time. You can also brand your public profile on the Listo app and add traits about yourself and who you support (like women-owned brands).


Listo allows you to create a customized menu you can curate for different clients and add notes to be more specific. It connects to your METRC inventory, so you don’t have to worry about compliance or juggling multiple platforms. 


Everyone within the Listo marketplace has price visibility to see what other products are selling for. It also tracks products as they move through the chain and notifies you when invoices have been paid. Features like these don’t just give you more credibility, it also protects you from shady deals so you can cultivate trustworthy partnerships again. 

Expand Your Reach 

We believe legacy and social equity operators have paid enough of a price. By building tools like Listo, we hope to help legacy operators succeed in the recreational market and eliminate the stigmas surrounding them. We know you know what you’re doing.

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