Expanding Access and Visibility for Farmers with Listo


Worldwide, farmers get the short end of the stick. Cannabis is no different. Without you, the industry would not exist.

As a supply chain technology company that works with every market segment, we understand the struggles of operating a farm in this economy. You’re sitting on weight you can’t sell. It’s hard to network when you’re tending to plants all day. The supply chain is, at best, opaque. Once a distributor collects a sale, your control is gone, and how many times have they returned it ruined?

We built Listo with growers in mind. When you join, you can:

  • List your products and connect with buyers in hard-to-reach markets.
  • Set price minimums to gain control over floor price. Listo will auto-reject offers that are too low.
  • Choose your partners intentionally. In-depth buyer profiles let you see when your values align.
  • Let technology do the work for you. Listo syncs with METRC to automate and streamline compliance.
  • Get out of the dark with distributors. When you make a sale and use our Listo distributor network, you can track your product as it moves throughout the supply chain.
  • Improve your understanding of regional market price trends.

Sign up for Listo and reclaim your power. We’re here for you every step of the way.

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